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Dear Fremont RE-2 Families,

I hope your new year is off to a great start! We certainly feel like this year has been one of changes and innovation for our students and are looking forward to a successful 2017!

Many of you have probably heard that both Fremont Elementary and Fremont Middle School were on Lock Down status for short time yesterday. Law enforcement notified us of an armed male in the area and we quickly moved to full Lock Down status, in both schools. Law enforcement was able to apprehend and arrest the suspect within 10 minutes of our initial notification. We can’t express how thankful we are to the Florence PD and Fremont Sheriff’s Department for their efforts in keeping our students and staff safe, every day, but especially in a crisis situation. Fremont RE-2 has a great relationship with our first responders and our district has worked collaboratively with law enforcement and emergency management teams to design effective safety procedures for any possible safety event.

The situation yesterday was a perfect example of all schools following the safety procedures we have practiced with your children, an effective response by our law enforcement partners; resulting in the stabilization of what could have been a bad situation. The intent of my letter today is two-fold. First, I want to reassure you that Fremont RE-2 takes the safety of our students and staff very seriously and go to great lengths to develop safety procedures and practice them with students, often. Students and staff in both schools, followed the procedures we have practiced, perfectly. When law enforcement can be certain that all students and staff are safe, they can focus their attention on stabilizing the situation.

Secondly, I want to remind you of Fremont RE-2’s current safety procedures and how the schools in our district respond to safety events. The list below represents an outline of Re-2’s safety procedures:

            1. Every day school is in session; all outside doors remain locked all day.

2. Each school has a “buzz in” system that allows school staff to view anyone wanting entry into a school and to require photo identification prior to entering any school.

3. Fremont RE-2 has 3 School Resource officers that are onsite in our schools every day.

4. Should an emergency arise, the district will determine what action needs to taken based on the type of safety event and follow our practiced procedures for Shelter in Place, Evacuation, Lock Down or Lock Out.

5. Fremont RE-2 schools will remain in Shelter in Place, Evacuation, Lock Down, or Lock Out status until law enforcement or first responders notify us that the situation is stabilized.

6. Once the safety event has been stabilized, we will notify you via the local media, Fremont RE-2’s website and Fremont RE-2’s Facebook page. We may also choose to use our district call out system to notify you by phone call or text.

7. Once a safety event has been stabilized, you may pick your child up. Please remember no students will be released during any safety event, until law enforcement has notified us that it is safe to do so.

Thank you for your support and willingness to follow the safety procedures that are in place to help us keep your children safe at school. Please contact me or your school principal, if you have any questions.

Thank you,

Rhonda Roberts


Welcome to Fremont RE-2 School District

Fremont RE-2 School District is a consolidated and joint school district. The district serves the communities of Williamsburg, Rockvale, Coal Creek, Penrose, and Wetmore. Florence is the home of the district's administration offices, Fremont Elementary School, Fremont Middle School, and Florence High School, newly built in 2006. Penrose is home to a K-5 elementary school built in 2005.
Florence is located in close proximity to Canon City, Pueblo and Colorado Springs, and a two-hour drive from Denver.

The Plains and Pueblo Reservoir lie about 20 minutes east of Florence. The area is indeed blessed with great diversity in geography, enterprise and culture. The city of Florence has become a mecca for antique dealers and shoppers. Penrose is rich in agricultural produce, especially apple orchards, and Wetmore is a fertile ranching community

The Climate in the area of the Arkansas Valley has been known as the "Banana Belt". Winters are generally mild and summers are warm but comfortable. Fremont County
is a great place to live and enjoy. 

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